Military Ministry at The Lighthouse

Military Ministry at The Lighthouse
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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Danielle Joined Us For Hot Dogs and Attack Uno!

July 22, 2017

Josh Ellinor invited one of his coworkers, Danielle Felone, to join us for our weekend activities. Todd Williams was here for his Reserve duty weekend, and Bethany Lokey was here too. We ate hot dogs and chips and Klondike bars for dessert.

Then it was on to a rousing game of Attack Uno!

Danielle pressed the button and got cards shot at her. Then she checked inside to see if there were any more cards that didn't come all the way out. She picked up the game real quick!

Then it was Bethany's turn to shuffle and deal.

Hey Bethany, look over here!

You too Danielle!

In case you're curious whose arms are at the right of the picture - they were Todd's. See him at the right of the picture? It was Danielle's turn to shuffle.

I loved the expression on Danielle's face when I asked her to pose for a picture! If only I could have gotten some cards shooting out at her at the same time.

Yvonne and Bethany...I know Yvonne is glad to have the neck brace off!

After eating and playing we went into the living room to pray. When we shared prayer requests Danielle wanted to know how to get a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. I shared Revelation 3:20 and other scriptures with her and then prayed for her. She said she felt really calm and peaceful after we prayed. Sunday morning she came to my Sunday School class where I was able to explain the plan of salvation more fully.

And finally, the weekly mustache photo update.

Check out my intermediate Oliver Wendall Holmes mustache. It's getting there...slowly.

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