Military Ministry at The Lighthouse

Military Ministry at The Lighthouse
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Monday, February 27, 2017

The Logo Board Game

How good are you at trivial pursuit? The Logo Board Game is a trivia game focusing on brand name logos. It is really fun! Drew's Argent's parents got it for us for Christmas one year. We haven't played it much, but this week was a good week for it. We went to Cissi's Piza for dinner and then came back to the house for the game. We were originally going miniature golfing but the forecast called for a storm to move in between 7pm and 9pm. So that got cancelled. Todd Williams was here again for his reserve duty. So Todd, Tia, Josh and John Oritz made up our group this week.

The object of the game is to get into the middle "Winning Zone". You have to answer purple, yellow, green, and red questions all related to brands and logos of popular products.

Todd, wake up! I'm not sleeping, I'm looking at the game board.

Yea! I made it into the inner ring!

John asking Tia the game question.

Look who won! Todd!!

We were all surprised at how much we didn't remember about the logos and advertisements we had seen for the products we use every day! Another fun game!

Phase 10 Twist!

Games, Games and more Games! We have a closet full of games, so we don't have to repeat any of them very often, unless we want to. Settlers is one of those we keep repeating by popular demand. But last week we decided to play something different. We pulled out Phase 10 Twist!

Josh, Andrew and John were here for the game. Pizza was the meal. Not a bad combination - right?

This is the game board. Looks complicated huh?! It's not. Guess who is "red" and in the lead?

Andrew gives me that "You better not be trying to see my cards!" look.

"Hey, can't you see I'm concentrating???!"

Guess who finally won a game? Yup, you guessed it - ME!! And then of course, we have to have some hammed up drama as the winner's trophy gets presented.

Celebrating Madison's Birthday - Early!

One of the newest members of our family is Madison Cronin. For months we were trying to text her and get her to come over for our activities with no luck. Then her mom contacted us again about Christmas Day. Lo and behold we discovered we were texting the wrong number. Two of the numbers were switched around. So we finally got hold of her and she started coming over. Her first day was Christmas Day (she brought the ugly sweater cookies for us to decorate!), and was here with Kezia Young.

But as soon as she met us she went home on Christmas leave. As soon as she got back her ship went out for a month. So she didn't get much of an opportunity to spend time with us, or us with her. That was disappointing because she is really an awesome young lady and a lot of fun to have around!

One of the things Yvonne does every month is celebrate our sons' and daughters' birthdays. She prepares their favorite meal and dessert. Sometimes she spends hours searching for just the right birthday gift.

Her ship finally pulled in and she didn't have duty! She said February 19th she would be able to come over and join us for Sunday dinner. Yvonne found out Madison likes chicken and cheesecake, so she made Chicken Marango Skillet for dinner and her famous cheesecake for dessert.

Ooops, should have taken two pictures. Sorry about the closed eyes Madison. That week she went home on leave and will soon be going on deployment. But that's OK. We'll still be here when she gets back!

Do You Remember The Game "Win Lose or Draw"?

Saturday night is usually our game night, but sometimes we play on Sunday too. Tia, James and Bethany, Josh, and Andrew joined us for dinner after church. Yvonne pulled out the white board and markers and we played Win Lose or Draw.

 I can guarantee NONE of us were artistically inclined that day! I guess a better way to say it is were were all artistically challenged!

This is Bethany, Tia, and Yvonne trying to guess what James was trying to draw!

Then it was Yvonne's turn! And no, the picture wasn't a boat!

Then it was Andrew's turn!

We laughed, drew crazy, funny pictures, and had a really great time! We'll have to do that one again soon!

Teaching Cristian Fabela How To Play Settler's of Catan

What is it about teaching the young men and women who come over to the house how to play Settlers of Catan? The first time they play it THEY WIN!!! What's up with that??? A couple of weeks ago Cristian came over on a Saturday night and we played Settlers. You guessed it...he won!

And wow was he proud of himself too! Just take a look at the pictures.

Here Cristian is showing me his victory 1 point Development Card, his 2 point Largest Army Card, and his 2 point Longest Road Card that he took away from Yvonne. But I like the smile!!

Here he's showing ME the victory point card that got him over the top to win! See how tightly he is holding on to the victor's trophy???

He got a big kick out of the un-sportsmanlike expression on my face! But hey, we all had fun! Settlers of Catan is a great game!

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Sunday and Pot Roast!

Sunday dinner is always GREAT! But when it comes to Yvonne's pot roast and home made bread and potatoes and carrots. Wow! Can you tell from the smiles that Liam, Tia, John, and Cameron are about to enjoy the food?

This week the Marines landed!

I tell everybody, "If you leave my table hungry, it's your fault!"

Teaching Bethany How To Play Settlers of Catan

By now, most of you following this blog know that we love to play Settlers of Catan on Saturday night. It really is one of our favorite board games! So, of course we had to teach Bethany, Yvonne's cousin, how to play the game.

She caught on real quick and had fun! Tia was pretty new at the game too and got the hang of it really fast!

This is a "selfie". I am not good at this! But the picture didn't turn out too bad.

And here's the whole gang...including our weekend warrior - Todd. Ooops, except for Yvonne. She's the one taking the picture. She likes doing that every so often to prove that I actually participate in these fun nights too.

So, who won the game? Well, they say a picture is worth a thousand words - right?

No, it wasn't me. It was Andrew!