Military Ministry at The Lighthouse

Military Ministry at The Lighthouse
LEGO American Roadshow

Sunday, August 14, 2016

"Reminiscing" and Chicken Pot Pies!

Saturday Josh and Andrew were over. We have a closet full of board games we select from each week.

This week Josh saw the game "Reminiscing" and asked what that was. I told him it was a game for people over 30. And that at 18 he was too young to play it!

Well that didn't sit too well. He asked to play it anyway. Technically the instructions say that it's for people over 30 and anyone who they let play it. So I agreed.

I thought to be fair we would play teams and divide up, with an older person on each team. But NO! The guys decided it would be a match between the older folks and the Millennials! So, that's what it was!

The questions cover the decades from the 40s to the 90s. And since Josh and Andrew were both born in the 90s we thought they wouldn't know much about the previous eras.

Boy! Were we right! The first game went really fast. Yvonne and I won quick! The second game, not so much. Josh and Andrew actually won! Not bad for a couple of young "whipper snappers"!

Sunday we celebrated Liam Egbert's birthday.

So Yvonne made Chicken Pot Pies for dinner.

Chocolate Banana Creme birthday pie!

After dinner we watched the movie "Battleship"!

I know, I know, not very spiritual, but it was exciting and FUN!

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Never Being Board Game Challenged !

I finally decided that I had better sit down and blog about our weekend activities from LAST weekend,,,,before the guys come over tonight and I have to update our blog from this weekend.

Normally I try to update our activities by Monday afternoon, but this seek I had doctors appointments three days getting ready for my back surgery next week.

We have a hall closet and shelves in our garage filled with board games that we play on Saturday nights. So if anyone spends much time with us on the weekends they will never be able to say they are board game challenged!

Saturday night Yvonne made hot dogs for dinner with chips. She was going to have Popsicles for dessert, but Josh and I went to the store and overrode that decision. I bought Klondike bars!

After dinner we sat down for a rousing game of SKIPBO!

This is my "I am so cool carrot eater look!"

Titus, is this your I am going to win this game look?

So who do you think won the game????

Yup! Not me!!  Josh won .... again!

On Sunday we had a new sailor! Liam Eggbert from the USS Harry S. Truman. We drove over to the base and picked him up. At church we had three sailors all over six feet tall. We dominated our pew!

Afterward everybody came to the house and we had dinner. This week it was spaghetti, home made french bread, salad, and for dessert we had apple crisp and vanilla ice cream!

While we ate dessert we watched the Olympic Games! 

We didn't take any pictures during dinner so I asked Liam to pose as he put on his shoes before leaving for the day. What a good sport!