Military Ministry at The Lighthouse

Military Ministry at The Lighthouse
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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Andrew's Birthday and Going Away Party

April 1, 2017

OK, this is probably the hardest part of our ministry - saying goodbye to our sons and daughters! Andrew Raffety is leaving. He's saying goodbye to active duty and opening a new chapter in his life - heading to the university.

So, since Andrew's birthday was on April 2nd, we had a birthday party for him. Yvonne asked him what he would like for his birthday meal and he said it didn't matter. But when she asked what kind of cake he wanted, well right away he said "Your cinnamon rolls!" He really likes the Civil War era so we gave him a book on the...yup! You guessed it - the Civil War.

Bethany and Cristian were here too!

We played Settlers of Catan again...can you tell that's one of our favorite games? Cristian Fabela won!

Here's Cristian admiring his trophy...

And, giving his victory pose!

All except for saying farewell to Andrew, it was a fun evening!

I was trying to take a selfie so I could post a picture of my mustache, but I am terrible at taking selfies, so Bethany came around and took one for me, with me!