Military Ministry at The Lighthouse

Military Ministry at The Lighthouse
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Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving Day 2013

We had an awesome Thanksgiving this year! See the new cover picture I put up today?

Kari Jorgenson came over on Wednesday to help Yvonne cook. She came by the church and helped load the chairs we needed in her car to take to the house. She even bought some of the ingredients that were needed for the pies.

Then on Thursday morning Kari came over early to help bake the pies. She brought a friend with her from the USS James Williams: Derrek Arceneaux.
Football: Greenbay and Detroit

It was a fun day! While Yvonne and the girls cooked, the guys watched football (Greenbay and Detroit). That is, until I got drafted to make the gravy. That seems to be my job at Thanksgiving and Christmas…and whenever we have gravy

Kari and Amy cooking

Kari and Amy cooking

I went to the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard and picked up Cody Melot  (USS Iwo Jima) and then went to the Naval Station Norfolk to pick up William Seidler  (USS Theodore Roosevelt).
Amy, Arwen, Ayden, Andrew, Will, Kari, and Christopher

Derrek, Crystal, Cody, Christopher, Kari, Yvonne, Will, Andrew, and Ayden

Amy Wilson, from church came over with her two children Ayden and Arwen; her husband's on deployment. And Andrew Raffety came over from the USS Abraham Lincoln. Then Christopher Fine and Crystal Schmidt from the (USS Ross) joined us.

We all sat down to eat about 2:00 pm. It was nice to have a dining room full of servicemen and women! This was probably the best Thanksgiving attendance we've ever had.
Ayden, Arwen, and Amy Wilson

Will trying to duck for cover when I aimed the camera his way

But I got Will on the way back up!

We went around and everyone shared something we were thankful for. 

Derrek, Crystal, Cody, and Christopher

After dinner we went into the living room and I asked everyone to share their favorite ice cream flavor, their hobbies, and why they joined the Navy.

Then I shared the pamphlet: "Have You Ever Heard of the Four Spiritual Laws?"

After the Gospel presentation we all had pie and whipped cream for dessert. We watched the Oakland Raiders and the Dallas Cowboys play a good football game! The Cowboys came from behind and won! Yvonne and Kari, Cody and Amy helped clean up the kitchen. 

After the game we took Cody and William back to their bases.

Like I said, it was a really good we can be thankful for!

Sometimes It Is Only One...

Daina Moscoso - COMSUBLANT

In hospitality house military ministry it isn't about know, "How many were there last week?" Sometimes we have a lot of servicemen at our table, and other times we only have two or three...and sometimes only one.

Rebekah Sooy and Trever Cole

Rebekah Sooy

But that's OK because it really isn't about "how many", but about providing a home away from home for whoever might need one. Every person who comes into our home is important and valuable.

Cody Melot (USS Iwo Jima), Yvonne, Me, Kari Jorgenson, Christopher Fine (UUS Ross)

I know it's more fun for the servicemen and women who come over when there are more here. We often hear the question: "Am I the only one here again tonight?" It leaves kind of a pit in our stomach, because we want to make sure they have a good time and enjoy themselves.

Bob Kroeger (USS Oak Hill), Cody Melot ((USS Iwo Jima) playing Mayberry-Opoly

We can't promise high adrenaline, high impact activities. What we strive to provide is a safe, comfortable home and family environment while these young men and women are away from their families. 

Cody won!!!! Yea Cody!