Military Ministry at The Lighthouse

Military Ministry at The Lighthouse
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Monday, March 24, 2014

Two Sailors Get Water Baptised!

Yesterday during our morning worship service at Azalea Garden Church I baptized Bob Kroeger and Andrew Raffety in water. It was a really cool service! Both men followed the Lord in obedience by being water baptized. Telling the whole world that they were going to follow Jesus all the days of their lives.

Andrew Raffety following the Lord in obedience in water baptism

Bob Kroeger following the Lord in obedience in water Bptism

Saying Goodbye is always the hard part of this ministry.

After having been stationed in this area for 7 years, Brandon and Savannah Justice, Malachai, and Sarabeth got transferred to NAS Pax River in Maryland. Brandon and Savannah have been coming over to the house for seven years now!

Sarabeth has the most adorable eyes! She reminds me of the paintings you used to be able to buy in California with the children with huge eyes. I showed them the pictures on line and they were surprised.

They came over a couple of weeks ago and joined us on Sunday afternoon. Then they were going to come over the next weekend and I got sick so we cancelled our activities.

So after I got over my cold we invited them over on Thursday evening for dinner; the night before they left.

Many or few - it doesn't matter!

Sometimes we have a lot of people who come over on a Saturday night, and other times there are only one or two. I told Andrew on Saturday when he was the only one who came over, that by himself he is every bit as important and valuable as a room full of people!

A couple of weeks ago Bob and Andrew were over and we played Settlers of Cataan again. The more you play the game the better you get at it! Guess who won???

Settlers of Cataan!

Well, it's been two or three weeks since we had everybody together to play Settlers of Cataan. So I don't remember what Yvonne fixed for us to eat. :(  However, it was a really fun game! When we took pictures everybody was in a goofy mood and made faces at me. They actually turned out really cool. Can you tell who won the game? Check out the pictures.

Yup! Kari! But it was close...neck in neck between her and me.

The really fun thing about Settlers is that the game board is never the same two games in a row. So it is not just about luck, it is also about strategy.

You have to set your opening settlements in the right places to get resources to build roads and cities. If you don't get resources as you go through the game you can't do anything.

There is a lot of horse trading that goes on in this game too. Trading resources with other players to get what you need.