Military Ministry at The Lighthouse

Military Ministry at The Lighthouse
Thanksgiving Day 2017

Monday, January 29, 2018

2017 Freedom Outreach International Warrior Connection Conference

November 10-12

Yvonne and I attended the 2017 Freedom Outreach International/ Ministry to the Military Warrior Connection Conference in Louisville, Kentucky.

The conference was hosted by Eastside Praise Church of God. Their sanctuary made a beautiful setting for the conference! The worship services were awesome and uplifting! Several of the movement's founders were present (seated in the front row). A powerful and spiritually uplifting weekend. Although personally, I think there needs to be a much bigger Navy presence next time!

Ocean Lakes Church of God

November 5, 2017

Yvonne and I had a great day today! We worshiped at Ocean Lakes Church of God this morning.

Pastor Steve Bergfield preached about the first communion service - in the Old Testament (read Genesis 14 and Hebrews 7). He talked about Melchizedek (try pronouncing that one!) and who he really was - an appearance of Jesus Christ in the Old Testament.

Afterward the congregation had their first Sunday of the month pot luck dinner on the grounds. The food was great! Dessert too!

Then Yvonne suggested we go "prayer driving" on Dam Neck Base! I got a chocolate attack and had to stop at the exchange on base for a "chocolate fix". God had a divine appointment waiting for us. We went in to look at the MWR Liberty Center in the exchange complex. One of the center employees came over and asked if he could help us. So we introduced ourselves to him and started chatting. Before we knew it, we were in an awesome conversation about Jesus Christ and the Gospel message. We shared our testimonies with him, what we did in our ministry, and the Gospel message.

An excellent day serving the Lord!

Freedom Outreach International Features Our Ministry in their Newsletter

It was really cool, and quite an honor to be featured in Freedom Outreach International Ministry to the Military's Sept-Oct newsletter. The newsletter highlights the ministries of FOI/MTTM servicemen's centers around the world!

Our Naval Reservist Sailor Comes to Town!

October 27-29, 2017

Our Naval Reservist 'son' came in here from Lynchburg for his drill weekend. Helping to keep our country safe! I already feel safer just having him here!

Tonight, Saturday, after Todd got home from work we ate hamburgers and chips while we watched the OHIO STATE/PENN STATE football game. What a nail biter!!! Ohio state was so far behind all the way to the third quarter I wrote them off! Then in the last quarter they came alive and won the game by 1 point! Score was 39 to 38! Wow!

The EncounterThen we watched a couple episodes of the ENCOUNTER series with Bruce Marchiano. This is a really interesting series. Makes you thing about the question: "What would Jesus look like and how would he behave if He were alive and physically walking among us today?"

Sunday afternoon Madison Cronin and Megan Sparks came over from the USS Leyte Gulf.

We ate home made rosemary bread, vegetable lasagna, salad, and for dessert apple crisp! Delicious!! Then we watched the movie "Facing the Giants" and finally, we had prayer together.

This was a great weekend!

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Welcoming Madison Home From Deployment

October 6, 2017

It's been a long time since I've updated our blog and decided it was high time! Too many irons in the fire I guess.

But anyway, we had an awesome day going to the Norfolk Naval Base to welcome back the USS Leyte Gulf from deployment. We connected with Madison Cronin's parents - Patrick and Erica in the tent set up on the pier. It was fun talking story and getting to know them.

John Ortiz came to welcome her back too. Talk about one big happy family!

I love the festive nature of these home comings! It's like a great big huge party!

That's a thumbs up!

Madison with her mom and dad!

John O. and Madison with their "adopted" Virginia parents...

Madison brought back a beautiful doll from Norway for Yvonne's international doll collection.

And just for fun, this is what manning the rails on a ship coming back from deployment looks like with a kaleidoscopic filter added. Pretty cool huh?

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Danielle Joined Us For Hot Dogs and Attack Uno!

July 22, 2017

Josh Ellinor invited one of his coworkers, Danielle Felone, to join us for our weekend activities. Todd Williams was here for his Reserve duty weekend, and Bethany Lokey was here too. We ate hot dogs and chips and Klondike bars for dessert.

Then it was on to a rousing game of Attack Uno!

Danielle pressed the button and got cards shot at her. Then she checked inside to see if there were any more cards that didn't come all the way out. She picked up the game real quick!

Then it was Bethany's turn to shuffle and deal.

Hey Bethany, look over here!

You too Danielle!

In case you're curious whose arms are at the right of the picture - they were Todd's. See him at the right of the picture? It was Danielle's turn to shuffle.

I loved the expression on Danielle's face when I asked her to pose for a picture! If only I could have gotten some cards shooting out at her at the same time.

Yvonne and Bethany...I know Yvonne is glad to have the neck brace off!

After eating and playing we went into the living room to pray. When we shared prayer requests Danielle wanted to know how to get a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. I shared Revelation 3:20 and other scriptures with her and then prayed for her. She said she felt really calm and peaceful after we prayed. Sunday morning she came to my Sunday School class where I was able to explain the plan of salvation more fully.

And finally, the weekly mustache photo update.

Check out my intermediate Oliver Wendall Holmes mustache. It's getting there...slowly.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Alex Joins Us For Watermelon and Jenga!

July 15, 2017

We had another fun night! Josh Ellinor and Alex Crespo joined us for hamburgers and watermelon.

Then we played a couple games of Jenga. That's not a game we play very often, but it was fun!

Look at the pictures and see some of the intensity of the game.

Then we switched to a card game called "Golf".

This is our electric shuffling machine. Way better than trying to do it by hand! Although, it doesn't always do such a great job either.


Any idea who won the golf tournament??

This is Alex. He's a soldier stationed at Fort Lewis in Washington. His family lives just up the street from us. We've known him since he was a little boy. He's not so little any more! Really nice young man.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Boggle! It's Like Scrabble Mixed With Crossword Puzzles Mixed With Dice...

Tia bought us a new game for my birthday!It's called Boggle!

This is a game in which you make words in all sorts of directions using letter cubes. They get shaken up in a cage, and then you get three minutes to make as many words as you can. Unfortunately, if someone else gets the same word no one gets credit for it. You can go up or down, diagonally, or in a square or in a zigzag pattern. You just can't use the same letter twice in the same word.

Yvonne, Tia, Bethany, Josh and I played. Fun new game!

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Cristian Fabela Promoted to Second Class!

This morning Yvonne, Diane, and I went to Norfolk Naval Station to attend the 'frocking' ceremony on board the USS Kearsarge. Cristian Fabela, along with numerous other shipmates were being promoted. Some to first class, some to second class, and some to third class.

Today Cristian put on Second Class!

Besides her physical therapy appointment and doctor's appointments, this was Yvonne's first 'outing' since her surgery.

Diane, Yvonne's sister, flew in to help her in her recuperating adventure.

Below Cristian is getting 'pinned' by his division officer.

After everyone was promoted the commanding officer made a few remarks and challenged the new petty officers to assume their new responsibilities on Monday.

Then it was time for cake! The ship's culinary specialists made the cake and it was moist and delicious! It took six cakes to actually make the whole thing.

Cristian is up on the stage getting a group picture taken. I'm eating cake!

Then it was time for another picture with us in front of the big flag, and he escorted us out. Cristian had to go back to work.

Congratulations Cristian! We're proud of you!!!