Military Ministry at The Lighthouse

Military Ministry at The Lighthouse
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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Cristian Fabela Promoted to Second Class!

This morning Yvonne, Diane, and I went to Norfolk Naval Station to attend the 'frocking' ceremony on board the USS Kearsarge. Cristian Fabela, along with numerous other shipmates were being promoted. Some to first class, some to second class, and some to third class.

Today Cristian put on Second Class!

Besides her physical therapy appointment and doctor's appointments, this was Yvonne's first 'outing' since her surgery.

Diane, Yvonne's sister, flew in to help her in her recuperating adventure.

Below Cristian is getting 'pinned' by his division officer.

After everyone was promoted the commanding officer made a few remarks and challenged the new petty officers to assume their new responsibilities on Monday.

Then it was time for cake! The ship's culinary specialists made the cake and it was moist and delicious! It took six cakes to actually make the whole thing.

Cristian is up on the stage getting a group picture taken. I'm eating cake!

Then it was time for another picture with us in front of the big flag, and he escorted us out. Cristian had to go back to work.

Congratulations Cristian! We're proud of you!!!

Robert and Christina Kroeger's Wedding - May 13, 2017

Yvonne and I drove up to Leipsic, Ohio to marry Bob and Christina. When we got up there I didn't think it would be much cooler up north than it was in Virginia. So Friday, for the rehearsal it was pretty cool. But Saturday turned out to be beautiful! God really blessed the couple with beautiful blue skies, sunshine, and warm temperatures. So let me share some of the pictures we took with you.

Bob and Christina got married in Gilboa, Ohio on the Blanchard River Bridge. This part of Ohio is some of the most beautiful farm land I have been in in many years! So it made perfect sense for the happy young couple to be married surrounded by family members and decorations from the family farm (with a touch of Bob's stint in the Navy).

This is the Kroeger wedding altar. I captured a picture of the bridal limousine in the background too.

And of course, there is the obligatory picture of the preacher and his wife.

And, as the ceremony starts, here comes the pretty young flower girl and the brides maids.

And after the bridesmaids came in, the bride's father walked her down the aisle and gave her away.

And then the wedding ceremony itself.

And finally, Bob and Christina prepare to symbolically merge their lives in the Colored Sand Ceremony.

And of course, I had the privilege of presenting to the audience, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kroeger!

And then it was on to the reception. Now you get some pictures of the bridal party at the head tables.

The best man giving a toast...(I wonder what kind of bread he used???)

And now for a few miscellaneous pictures from before the wedding...

This is Patty Kroeger, Bob's mom.

The young lady on the left is Bob's brother's girlfriend. In the back is Jim Kroeger, Bob's dad. And the gentleman on the right is Bob's grandfather.

These two wild and woolly ladies were up on chairs putting the finishing touches on the reception hall, and hamming it up for the camera!

I couldn't resist adding the picture during the wedding rehearsal that got baby bombed!

This is obviously the rehearsal of Christina's dad walking her across the bridge. The symbolism of the bridge was really meaningful and I used it during my wedding "homily" as Bob called it.

And of course, Yvonne and I had to get a picture with the young couple to prove we were actually there!

OK, wait! Just in case you're not familiar with the Gilboa mascot...let me introduce you to the Gilboa bull. He is the 20 foot tall figure that stands prominently beside the highway, that everybody uses to give directions. Everything in Gilboa is directed by where you turn when you see the bull!

Don't you make fun of the Gilboa bull!