Military Ministry at The Lighthouse

Military Ministry at The Lighthouse
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Monday, March 27, 2017

Seeing Madison off as she deploys on the USS Leyte Gulf

This afternoon we were pierside again as we said goodbye to Madison and the USS Leyte Gulf. We told her Saturday night that we would come to the pier to say goodbye. We weren't sure if we'd see her or not. Yvonne and I were really glad when we walked up to the ship to see Madison standing on the brow waving to us.

She told us she would be a line handler on the aft end of the ship. So we went back and watched her work!

Last minute instructions from the big guy in the hard hat!

"See, those are the old people I told you about who invite me into their home on the weekends..."

"That's us she's talking about!"

Madison is the one handling the huge rope on the left. She's WORKING!

See you guys when we get back!

Casting off the lines from the pier.

Can you tell which one Madison is???

Then it was time for the tugs to move the ship away from the pier and out into the channel.

This Week It Was MONOPOLY : Electronic Banking!

This week Madison Cronin joined us for our Saturday evening game night. She even brought a game - "Speak Out!" but there were too many people here to play it. It looks really funny! So we all decided it was going to be Monopoly instead.

Monopoly: Electronic Banking doesn't use money. All of the financial transactions are done using a mobile ATM machine. You start out at the beginning fo the game with $15,000,000. Properties that used to cost a couple of hundred dollars inthe old version, now cost 1.5 to 4 Million dollars! Hey, that's inflation for ya.

Madison from the USS Leyte Gulf  is the one disguised as a Hollywood movie star that didn't want to be recognized! Can you tell which one that is??

John was well...let's say he was preoccupied! :) Josh was trying to highlight his new facial hair. Look close at his upper lip!!

Yvonne was really intense as she went for the dice! Andrew on the other hand??? He was busy!

Guess who won the game? I was the first one to go bankrupt! The game went really long! It didn't end until 10:30! That's an hour and a half past when we normally finish. But everyone was really into the game.

By this time in the game Yvonne owned all of the houses and hotels on the board.

Sunday Yvonne made our traditional annual Irish feast - Corned beef and cabbage and potatoes and carrots. Bread for the day was Irish Soda Bread.

After lunch we watched one session of Focus on the Family's "The Truth Project" 

and then, because it seemed to go along with that so well, we watched "God's Not Dead"

Ever Hear of the Board Game Called "Quelf" ?

We've had that game in our closet for years! This week we were trying to decide what we all wanted to play, and Tia saw Quelf on the shelf. She asked what it was and after describing it to her that was what we settled on.


We actually had time to play two games. Josh won the first one. See...Todd is crowning him with the trophy? The girls weren't too happy about that!

It was a real hoot! It makes you mime, act, draw, answer trivia questions, and even sing! But, if that isn't enough, there are also "Roolz" cards that you have to draw that make you sit under the table until your next turn, or make a sound like a flushing toilet whenever anyone gets penalized for something.

Everyone chose a character at the beginning of the game to move around the game board. Depending on which color space you landed on determined the color of the card you had to draw.

At one point in the game Andrew had to go into the bathroom until someone came to check on him. But he couldn't tell anyone where he was going or why.

Todd had to snort like a pig every time someone drew a card. But, couldn't tell anyone what he was doing. Weird!

Tia won the second game and I think you can tell the girls were much happier about that!

We had so much fun laughing and acting silly!

Settlers Settlers and more Settlers!

This week John, Austin, and Andrew joined us for our Saturday night activity. John challenged us to a game of Settlers...again! I think he loves that game! But so do the rest of us. Do you have any idea who won the game?

We didn't want to leave Andrew out of the pictures. He's getting ready to get out of the Navy and wow! Are we going to miss him!